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We offer professional writing and editing services, including but not limited to: freelanced article writing for newspapers and magazines, Website content, resume and executive bio development, grant writing, case study and presentation development, strategic marketing plans, Board of Directors reports, dictation services, press release writing, authored article and ghost writing, newsletter writing, fundraiser letters, and much more. As a freelance writer, Danica has contributed more than 100 articles to magazines and newspapers for publication, secured numerous award wins for her clients, and written more press releases than there are stars in the sky. Writing is charged on a per-article/per-project basis and invoiced upon completion. For pricing, please call or fill out the form on our Contact Page.

Danica enjoys a collaborative writing process, which includes an interview, background research, speaking to several sources, verifying information, writing in AP style grammar, and a draft review for the client for accuracy. Danica has a solid understanding of her community – its leadership, needs, audiences, demographics, community perceptions. She brings a genuine, relatable, intelligent, bi-partisan approach to her writing. Inquire today for an assessment of your marketing needs or to have your next article written for you:

“Danica helped me through a very unique problem last year. I received regulatory approval for a specialized class. Some competitors of mine didn’t believe it and proceeded to trash me in emails to my customer base. Danica composed and sent letters to the offenders and we ended up getting their endorsement. Bottom line: I made $72,000 because of her.​”

— Fred Reid, Local Business Owner

Services Include

  • Articles & news pieces (freelanced) - for magazines, online news, newspapers
  • Press release writing
  • Case study writing
  • Authored article (thought leader/expert source) writing
  • Website writing
  • Executive/Board bio development
  • Awards submission writing
  • Call for papers (speaking) abstract development
  • Executive/Board bio writing
  • Marketing collateral development/writing
  • Newsletter development/writing
  • Client/shareholders written communication
  • Speech writing
  • Proofreading & editing
  • Resume writing
  • Resume building workshop
  • Slogan and tagline development
  • Social media posts
  • Blog writing
  • Dictation services
  • Board and constituent letters and presentations
  • Fundraising/shareholder letters